Real estate owners and the inner city. Will the shock event of the Covid-19 pandemic influence structural changes to the inner city?

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This research seeks to find an answer to what extent this shock event influences structural changes in inner cities. This is done by, first, looking at the trends and developments already happening in inner cities. For example, we buy fewer and fewer clothes in physical stores, but fashion and shoe chains dominate the shopping streets. Secondly, this research looks at what this changed relationship does to the local commitment of real estate owners. Real estate owners are becoming increasingly aware that they have to act more like partners towards entrepreneurs and that they have to co-invest. Thirdly, this research looks at the relationship between renters and real estate owners. Falling real estate rates lead to a different relationship in which the renter has more power than the real estate owner. Fourth, this research looks at the future and tries to seek an answer to the outlook of real estate owners in the coming 10 years. The major urban centres of the Netherlands are going to face a major challenge. And lastly, this research investigates how the government could intervene in inner cities. The current changes can lead to a window of opportunity in transforming the inner city.
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