Transforming vacation parks. An evaluative and exploratory case study into the tranformation instruments for deteriorated vacation parks in North-Veluwe

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The master thesis research “transforming vacation parks” is conducted for the policy program Vital Vacation Parks. It focusses on policy instruments for vacation parks to initiate land transformation. The Veluwe is facing difficulties with regard to the management of local vacation park. Due to mostly financial reasons, many of these vacation parks are not managed properly, cluttered and cause of many undesirable activities. The regional program Vital Vacation Parks aims to revitalize the vacation parks in the region, and facilitate the transformation of the smaller parks into new land uses. The aim of this research is: “To evaluate and explore the methods used to transform vacation parks in the Veluwe region, and explore the possibilities to improve the organizational, juridical, financial, spatial and communicative conditions for this transformation process in order to develop a comprehensive strategy” In order to do so, a case study has been conducted in the Veluwe. The research methods will be literature reviews and interviews. The literature research will focus on the many theories regarding land transformation. The case study will focus on the evaluation of applied land transformation strategies in the Veluwe, in order to assess the playing field. Keywords: land transformation, vacationparks, Veluwe
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