Presence of masculinity in Dutch and Canadian newspapers: A cross- cultural framing analysis of sport articles in Algemeen Dagblad and The National Post.

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Sport journalism has received more questions lately with regard to professionalism because of the rise of social media newsmaking. However, little research has been done on framing in sport journalism in general, while there are sport newspaper articles about numerous topics being issued. Therefore, this study attempted to contribute to widening the research field of framing analysis on sport newspaper articles, related to the cultural context. Regarding the masculine culture that can be found in sport, the masculine cultural dimension was evaluated. To see whether there are differences in sport framing, this was applied to the cultural context, wherefore the two Western countries The Netherlands and Canada were chosen. Because of the wide range within sports, the framing analysis, and a textual analysis for the cultural context, were done on articles of Algemeen Dagblad and The National Post regarding the most played sports in the home countries. Findings of this study included an overall more feminine coverage of sport articles, but in Algemeen Dagblad the articles were written more masculine compared to the articles of The National Post. These findings further provide an opportunity for more research on framing of sport newspaper articles related to a cultural context.
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