Analysing the change towards a new performance management system at a multinational staffing firm

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A research on whether the new performance management system of the Italian branch of a multinational staffing firm meet the wishes of the employees. The company named the new performance management system ITACA; the integrated talent and career approach. These facets are important for the company’s new performance management system. Therefore, integration, talent and career are used as sensitizing concepts to give the researcher some guidelines in analysing the data. The research is done by conducting qualitative research with open semi-structured interviews. The research concludes that the organization improved four out of five points that employees wished the organization would improve. The organization mainly focused on retaining great people, giving employees the tools and/or technology they need to do their job well, rewarding and recognizing strong performance and giving the employees a clear plan to achieve their career goals. Upon reaching their goal the performance management system has a clear consequence. The employees either get promoted, get a merit increase or get a talent development package which will helps them to get promoted next year. On top of that, all employees will be evaluated in the same manner. The organization did not focus on attracting great people to work here.
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