Hungry for Art: A semiotic reading of food signifying art in the episode Grant Achatz (2016) in the documentary Chef’s Table (2015-present)

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When looking at Chef’s Table, a documentary on Netflix, there are a few things standing out. One of those things is the fact that the chefs presented in the series talk about their food as if it was art. Hereby it contributes to the debate about food that signifies art. Despite the many debates and studies that have been done, there is a loophole in the field of research that regards food as art. This occurred with the rise of the obsession with food in recent years and the manifestation of this obsession. Where food was eaten formerly the company of friends and family, the food is now photographed and shared with the world. The rise of so-called foodies raises the question of the value of food as art and the extent to which the valuation of food in our times is warranted. In this thesis the techniques used to understand food as a form of art are discussed through a Peircean semiotic reading. The first chapter focuses on the intertextuality between a dish presented in Chef’s Table and the paintings of Jackson Pollock. The second chapter argues that Modernism, the art movement, is a great part off the signification of food as art. The last chapter concentrates on the presented dishes as fetishized commodity. this paper will provide a complete analysis on how visual and auditory techniques contribute to the signification of food as (a modernist) art(form) in the episode Grant Achatz (2016) of the Netflix documentary Chef's Table (2015-present).
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