Break-down of breakthroughs: Creativity and Innovation, examining the role of organizing principles

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Creativity and Innovation are prominently described as primary practices that lead to sustained competitive advantage of organizations. The dynamic relation between creativity and innovation makes it rather complex to effectively navigate decision making. This research searches to understand how creative- and innovation focused companies guide their decision making to stimulate creativity and to enhance their innovative capabilities, by dissecting the different levels of creativity and the nature of innovation within organizations. In addition, this work examines the influence of three organizing principles on the relation between creativity and innovation: 1 The meaning principle, the positive association of the cultivation of meaning and creative and innovative flourishment; 2 the progress principle, the facilitating effect of progress on the success of innovative endeavor ; 3 the ambidexterity principle, managing exploitation and exploitation, to balance creative and commercial needs of organizations. Five cases studies are conducted on five Dutch creative organizations that focus on different forms of innovation. The findings show that creativity is crucial for innovation to occur and is referred to as a fundamental part of the innovation process. The cultivation of meaning, facilitation of progress, and effectively balancing exploration and exploitation showed to be of significant importance in leading creative endeavor to innovative success.
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