The Spectacle of the Canary Border

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The Canary Route of boat-migration towards the European Union has been used since 1994, and was consolidated as the deadliest of the world in 2021. In the meanwhile, the region of the Canary Islands registers the highest number of tourists overstays in the entire European Union, and the figure keeps growing. This paradox existing in the Canary Islands arise the question: Why is it possible that the region with the biggest number of overnight stays in the EU is also surrounded by the deadliest border in the world? Therefore, starting from theories of critical geography, and the Debordian concept of spectacle, an attempt has been made to unravel how the productive relations in regard to human mobility towards the islands are hidden by the spectacle of the Canary Border. To this end, qualitative inductive research including a bibliographic review together with a fieldwork consisting of semi-structured interviews in the Canary Islands was carried out. After analyzing the situation in the Canary pre-border, actual border and post-border, it was concluded that there is a continuum that persists for the benefit of capital accumulation allowing the death of thousands at the gates of a territory increasingly modified for the entry of millions.
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