Citizen Science Participation: A framing analysis

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Citizen Science (CS) is when citizens are involved in conducting scientific research. CS projects have been applied to a diversity of topics using a diversity of methods. Recruiting and retaining participants is a significant challenge for CS projects and can constitute a significant portion of the costs in running such projects. There is an ever-growing amount of research being conducted on how CS participation can be increased. There are issues with the current dominant research approaches that make evidence-based decision making difficult. This thesis explores how the framing and design of a project can influence participants. It is proposed that through influencing participants, project framing and design influence the results of research. Since the framing of participants is influenced by the project framing and design, research results reflect the project design and framing, rather than best practices. This can explain the contradictory and diverse findings of previous research. To explore this issue a systematic literature review of CS participation research was conducted followed by a case study of a CS project that monitors butterflies, moths and dragonflies. Based on the results of the literature review and the case study, project framing and design is found to significantly influence participants.
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