Networking strategy in EU border-regions. The contribution of Euregio Rhein-Waalk on business network development in the Dutch-German border-region

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Purpose Business networking is an essential activity for businesses to be(come) competitive within continuously changing markets. Businesses that are located in the border regions are urged to reflect on their networking strategy. These businesses can benefit from the Interreg program of the EU. This research explores which (undervalued) factors enable or constrain cross border business networking through the Interreg projects for SME by the Euregio Rhein-Waal. Methodology This research explores specific factors that are valuable for business networking and cooperation with the establishment and support of a Regional Strategic Network (Euregio). The most important factors have been identified in the theory and studied in practice for 3 specific cases. Findings The factors information, contact and communication are crucial for improving business networking. For the border regions, these factors are even more important. Conclusions The factors information, contact and communication are crucial and undervalued elements for business network development and business cooperation. The Euregio Rhein-Waal makes an important contribution within this process for businesses in border regions. A further focus could develop business networking and bring new cooperation to a next level.
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