The influence of planning culture on the settlement of anterior agreements in the Netherlands

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Dutch public value capture practice has long taken place in the form of active land development and cost-recovery through the sale of land. Nowadays municipalities rely on the anterior agreement to recover costs. The anterior agreement offers full discretionary freedom to municipalities to recover costs how they see fit. However, literature and practice suggest that municipalities are restricted in how they use the anterior agreement. This calls for an investigation of whether municipal discretion influences the outcome of PVC negotiations with the anterior agreement. Drawing on the Culturalized Planning Model by Knieling & Othengrafen (2015), this research hypothesizes a relationship between planning culture and the value and coverage of developer obligations secured with the anterior agreement. However, no significant relationship was found between planning culture and the value and coverage of developer obligations in The Netherlands. In spite of the freedom the anterior agreement offers, municipalities are not in a position to act as they wish when recovering costs. This has implications for the effectiveness of the anterior agreement and might contribute to the discussion how municipalities can reduce their deficits in land and area exploitations. Further research should investigate the hypothesized relationship with a larger and more accurate dataset.
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