Complex Collaboration: How stakeholder collaboration affects development processes in complex brownfield area development

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In the light of the current housing crisis in the Netherlands, combined with the need for sustainable urbanization in order to mitigate (the effects of) climate change, there is a need for inner-city housing development. Combined with a shift in mobility use from a car-oriented planning practice to one more focused on transit, the concept of TOD arises as a means to facilitate this sustainable urbanization. These brownfield areas in the vicinity of urban transit nodes are, however, also faced with difficulties in terms of their viability. This is caused by, among others, high land values, complex landownership and the costs of the necessary spatial interventions. Moreover, planning and land-policy regimes have shifted after the economic crisis of 2007/2008, affecting the balance between the involved parties in these developments. Therefore, development practice, but also collaborative practice has changed. This research set out to explore how stakeholder collaboration (positively or negatively) affects processes of area development in the vicinity of urban transit nodes, as these can to some extent be seen as a magnifier for this new practice of development.
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