The troubles with Brexit. The impact of External Economic Aid on Civil Society Building NGO's in Northern Ireland

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In theory external economic aid is argued to cause NGOs to become dependent on funders. Because the EU as an external actor probably stops its current funding programmes for Northern Ireland due to Brexit, this is an interesting case to study dependency. The goal of this research is to get insights on the possible impact of Brexit on the peace process in Northern Ireland because it is a special case within Brexit negotiations due to its historical and geographical circumstances. More specifically the focus is on the influence of the EU as external economic actor on civil society building NGOs. Insights were gained by conducting interviews and surveys with people who work with(in) sector. The impact of external economic aid from the EU on the society is positive although the implementation of the funding creates more work and the need to focus on short-term projects. The NGOs are therefore seen as partially dependent on the EU. However the feeling of dependency on the EU in general is strengthened because of concerns regarding Brexit and the lack of a working government. Therefore there is a need for civic dialogue to let all voices be heard within this period of change.
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