Training Large Number Comprehension Using Augmented Reality

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The comprehension of large numbers ranging from zero to one billion has been proven difficult for individuals across populations. In addition, AR is being more frequently used in an educational setting. This study attempted to explore whether training large number comprehension using AR could significantly improve the understanding of large numbers in comparison to number line training. In the past augmented reality (AR) has been used intensively for education and other purposes. To test the effect of AR-training on large number comprehension a pre-test-post-test control group experimental design was used. Results show that the mean improvement after AR-training was larger than after number line training, although this difference was not found to be significant. In addition, participants found the application used for the AR-training more usable in comparison to number line training, however, these results were also not significant. Future research could be aimed at minors. They have less comprehension of large numbers and could therefore benefit more from the AR-training.
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