Undocumented Immigrants and Healthcare in the United States of America

dc.contributor.advisorHeiden, P.B. van der
dc.contributor.advisorBloemendal, N.A.
dc.contributor.authorPlum, R.L.J.W.
dc.description.abstractUndocumented immigrants in the United States lack healthcare rights. The healthcare system does not work in their favor, and these immigrants are often excluded from healthcare legislation. Other factors such as workplace exploitation and the fear of authorities amplify the risks for undocumented immigrants’ health. This thesis seeks to elaborate on the different aspects that impact the health and healthcare of undocumented immigrants, and it does so by analyzing national, state and local laws and policies. State and local laws provide an interesting insight into points of improvement of the U.S. healthcare system on a national level. In order for improvements to be made to the system, public support for inclusion of undocumented immigrants in healthcare reform needs to be increased. To achieve this, public debate on inclusion of undocumented immigrants in healthcare reform is imperative, and correctly informing these debates even more so. Debate on this topic is often misinformed, and this could be improved by increasing attention to factual research and empirical evidence, and providing the American public with that informationen_US
dc.thesis.facultyFaculteit der Letterenen_US
dc.thesis.studyprogrammeBachelor Engelse taal en cultuuren_US
dc.titleUndocumented Immigrants and Healthcare in the United States of Americaen_US
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