Recreation, Tourism and the protection of the North East Atlantic, An explorative research on policy arrangements

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Marine ecosystems are under growing pressures and impacts from human activities. One of these activities is tourism on and along the sea. Tourism is an important economic activity for nation states along the sea, however at the same time can have potential negative effects on the coastal and marine environment. One group of stakeholders involved in marine environmental protection are Regional Sea Conventions, for this case the OSPAR Convention. To find synergies between tourism and marine environmental protection on a policy level, this paper aims to investigate the interlinkage of the policy domains of tourism and marine environment protection. Based on this information, OSPARs role for the future in creating these synergies is described. For this investigation, the Policy Arrangement Approach will be the main theoretical framework, describing the rules of the game, actors, resources and discourse for both policy domains. Furthermore, concepts of transition theory will be introduced as well and throughout the research a multi-level governance perspective will be taken. To dive bit deeper, two OSPAR Contracting Parties are explored further. The findings indicate that there are certain similarities between the two policy domains, creating an opportunity for OSPAR to act as an intermediary to build synergies.
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