The Pastel Patriarchy: abuse of women and the consequences of living in an isolated polygamist community

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The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS, is a religious group in the United States of which its core community is currently located on the border of Utah and Arizona. The women in this community have a limited sense of freedom in multiple aspects; among other injustices, they are forced to marry (older) men who have multiple other wives. By questioning to what extent the women and girls in this community are violated and abused, this thesis will add to the discussion of women’s rights. It will also be shedding light on the implications on the health of these women and girls, as well as other consequences of living in – and leaving – this isolated community. This study will be done through diving into (auto)biographies, articles and studies from within the field and the use of a theoretical framework based on studies of oppression, abuse and women’s freedom. It has been found that women face substantial instances of abuse in the FLDS community, and lead to both physical and mental issues. Key words: FLDS, polygamy, oppression, religion, health, women’s studies.
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