Ready for change? About individual readiness for change and how participation in decision-making can influence this among employees of the Internet Banking Crisis Team of ABN AMRO

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Employees’ individual readiness for change is crucial to improving the likelihood of a successful change. Individuals’ level of participation in decision-making can influence individual readiness. This research examines the relationship between employees’ individual readiness and their degree of participation in decision-making to better understand how individual readiness is influenced by the degree of employee participation. The present study was conducted with a large financial institution located in the Netherlands. The team that took part in the research is getting prepared for a change to the system called Info Centric Crisis Management (ICCM). Members of the Internet Banking crisis team were the primary target of the study due to their important role in this change. Data were collected through in-depth and semi-structured interviews. The data from these interviews were analysed through inductive analysis. The present study’s results showed involvement in decisions regarding a specific change was one of the main drivers of individual readiness for change. Further, the present study found that other elements, which are the role of the change agent, information about the change (i.e., why, what and how the change was being implemented) and organisational slack were important regarding change readiness as well.
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