Frederick Douglass in Contemporary Abolitionism and Feminism in The United States

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Frederick Douglass is considered one of the most influential Black people in United States history. He is most famous for writing two autobiographies after escaping enslavement and for his efforts in both the abolitionist and feminist movements of his time. Modern-day United States society is still experiencing the repercussions of slavery that Douglass and his peers fought against during the Civil War. Systemic racism and gender inequality are problems abolitionists and feminists still fight against today. Therefore, this thesis will examine Douglass’s relevance to current debates about abolitionism and feminism. First, the thesis will provide a historical overview of slavery and Douglass’s involvement in the abolitionist movement. Second, this thesis will look explore Douglass’s involvement in feminism, what feminism consists of today, and Douglass’s relevance to contemporary feminist movements. Finally, this thesis will investigate whether Douglass is still relevant to modern Congressional debates and Abolitionist movements. It is important to minority groups that Douglass and his ideologies are remembered so that the enslavement of any human being will never happen again. Additionally, remembering Douglass and his struggles might help people understand what Black people and women continue to experience daily. Douglass’s relevance after two centuries implies that inequality is still prevalent in modern-day United States society.
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