The Combination of Effectuation and Psychological Ownership in shaping Entrepreneurial Behaviour: An Exploratory Study of Starting Entrepreneurs at a Start-up Incubator

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This study explores how the combination of an effectual logic and the presence of psychological ownership in the mind of the starting entrepreneur shapes their entrepreneurial behaviour. When comparing the effectuation and psychological ownership literature, both indications for corresponding as well as contrasting underlying theoretical perspectives are found. Despite these indications, how this combination shapes entrepreneurial behaviour has not been studied. This study dives into this knowledge gap by investigating eleven starting entrepreneurs connected to the start-up incubator StartUp Nijmegen through pre-questionnaires and interviews. The findings demonstrate both functional and dysfunctional behaviour for the starting entrepreneurs who have both an effectual logic as well as feelings of psychological ownership. The functional behaviour takes shape by them ensuring an open vision and experimenting confidently. The dysfunctional behaviour takes shape by them pursuing exclusive control, acting territorial and striving for perfection. The finding of dysfunctional behaviour confirms initial concerns expressed in this study; the combination of the two-states-of mind shapes behaviour which hinders the implementation of an effectual logic, even though implementing this logic successfully is of great importance for the growth of a start-up. Nevertheless, there is value in having the two-states-of-mind as they can work synergistically when starting entrepreneurs are keen on keeping the negative aspects in check. An important role in this regard is devoted to the start-up incubator in order to provide them with the required guidance.
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