Competing Institutional Logics as a driver of Intrapreneurial Behavior An explorative case-study within football organizations

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This inductive study focused on investigating how competing institutional logics within an industry influence the intrapreneurial behavior of employees. Some industries have a very specific institutional logic that shapes the behavior of individuals in such an industry. But in this case, the study has been executed in a unique industry of professional football where two competing logics exists: a sports logic and a business logic. The sports logic requires excellent sports performance of an organization, whereas the business logic calls for financial stability and financial performance of the organization. This inductive research consists of ten interviews with employees at professional football organizations. The findings suggested that the competing logics in this industry lead to a financial instability of organizations, combined with an extremely high expectation level of fans, media and other stakeholders. As a result, intrapreneurs in this industry had to look for more stable new business models to become less dependent from the sports performance of the organization. Furthermore, the competing logics create a tension where an organization need to spend a significant part of the budget on the sports logic, which generates an urge to differentiate through innovative initiatives of football organizations.
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