“Don’t let them fool you: Abandoning Dutch at our university is a painful loss”: Lecturers’ and Students’ Evaluation of Lecturers’ Teaching Skills in English-Medium Instruction at Radboud University

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This study revolved around the research question: Is lecturers’ way of teaching in English different from their way of teaching in Dutch? The study was a replication of Vinke (1995), which was expanded by means of findings from recent studies. To answer the research question, the study looked at lecturers’ and students’ views on lecturers’ way of teaching in English compared to lecturers’ way of teaching in Dutch. Furthermore, it examined whether lecturers displayed differences between their teaching in English and Dutch. The study was conducted at Radboud University and made use of lecturers’ and students’ questionnaires and an observational study. The results suggest that in general lecturers and students do not feel that lecturers’ way of teaching differs in English. However, a close analysis of the results showed that teaching in English has a moderate, negative effect on lecturers’ way of teaching. Lecturers and students felt that lecturers have difficulties with language-related and improvising teaching skills. Furthermore, the observational study found that, in English, lecturers are less redundant, use fewer asides, read more aloud, move around less, and speak in a monotonous tone.
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