The Growth-Promoting Parental Mediation Scale The Effect of Positive Parental Mediation on Children’s Experienced

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The aim of this experimental study was to examine if children can experience meaningfulness after watching a meaningful movie and whether positive parental mediation can increase this effect. This experiment involves 82 children (M = 10.83; SD = 1.098) and 59 parents (M = 46.49; SD = 5.174). Children and parents in the experimental condition were exposed to a meaningful movie, namely Coco, while participants in the control condition were exposed to a comparable, but less meaningful movie, named Despicable Me 3. Afterwards, meaningful experiences and parental mediation are assessed by filling in a questionnaire. A regression analysis revealed that children exposed to the meaningful movie indeed experienced significantly more meaningfulness than children exposed to the less meaningful movie. Further, regression analysis showed a significant positive effect of parental mediation on the extent to which children experienced meaningfulness. However, this parental mediation did not increase the effect of meaningful movies on meaningful experiences. These empirical findings are the first to reveal that watching meaningful movies and positive parental mediation can lead to meaningful experiences by children. Keywords: positive media psychology, eudaimonia, meaningfulness, parental mediation, children, and morality.
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