Strategies in Discrimination. The influence of social identity on coping with and reporting of discrimination amongst Dutch Moroccan men and woman on the labour market

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The aim of this thesis is to investigate how social identity and coping strategies influence the decision of young Dutch Moroccan men and women (not) to report experiences with discrimination in the application procedure. This study was conducted for Ieder1Gelijk, Bureau for Equal Treatment in Gelderland South in the Netherlands. Data for this study were collectected through in-depth interviews. The subjects of this study were young Dutch Moroccans. The respondents were selected by means of a snowball method. The interviews were recorded on audotape and coded. The results reveal that Dutch Moroccans generally feel like they need to prove themselves within Dutch society. They are and stay, often despite multiple experiences with discrimination, considerably motivated to find work. Often, Dutch Moroccans apply several coping strategies while dealing with a single discrimination experience. The results show that Islam plays a significant role in how people cope with discrimination and in many decisions they make. Furthermore, Dutch Moroccans associate filing a complaint with taking juridical steps. The advice as it derives from the research results is therefore to raise awareness for the societal interest of reporting in order to stimulate Dutch Moroccans to report their experiences with discrimination.
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