Unveiling the unforeseen: The experiences of Global South scholars in Nijmegen School of Management

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In 'Unveiling the Unforeseen,' the author explores how the knowledge production by Global Southern scholars in the Nijmegen School of Management (NSM) is influenced by their lived experiences within the faculty. The original thesis approach aimed to investigate the influence of postcolonial hegemony on knowledge production among Global Southern scholars in the Global North. However, the author did not foresee that the influential experiences of Global Southern scholars at NSM would extend beyond the scope of the initial research design. Through a reflexive approach and active contributions from the participants, these unforeseen experiences are unveiled in this thesis project, both for the author and the reader. Thus, the study yielded a comprehensive range of findings regarding the experiences of Global Southern scholars at NSM within a Bourdieusian framework. These findings encompass issues such as the subordination of knowledge associated with scholars who deviate from the White, masculine norm, as well as the impact of suboptimal living conditions on a scholar's research process. In this final thesis, both the experiences of the Global Southern scholars in NSM and the research process that unveiled these unforeseen experiences are discussed in-depth.
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