Now let us show it you: A multimodal discourse analysis of websites offering United States-Mexico border crossing tours

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This thesis analyses in what ways organisations offering United States-Mexico border crossing tours construct and communicate meanings of the tour on their website by analysing layout and design, visual and textual elements of those websites, applying a multimodal discourse analysis. Seven websites of both United States-based and Mexico-based organisations are analysed. Although the organisations focus on different aspects of the border, they all want to give their tour on the United States-Mexican border an educational meaning. However, visual and textual elements of the border imply otherwise for most websites. Referring to or using words and images that belong to the circle of representation of typical tourism activities, the tour is given the meaning of entertainment, leisure, sensation, experiencing the out of the ordinary and fun to a greater or lesser extent. Besides, the border is presented as creating distinctions, but those are interesting and safe and not dangerous or problematic. Organisations choose to give one or two perspectives on the border (social, environmental, political, artistic) and do not show that there is a versatility of opinions and views on the borderline. Only Mexican-based organisations pay attention to the relation between the border and people living near it and the effects of the border on people.
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