Supply chain collaboration as an enabler to transition to a circular economy –a cas-estudy from the textile sector

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The aim is to analyse the role of collaboration in the shift from linear to a circular economy for companies at the niche level of the textile industry, in order to enhance the literature by relating transition theories with supply chain collaboration and multiple value creation as the centre of circular business model, while identifying the barriers. The study consists of a single case study of a Dutch textiles company and fifteen companies of various positions in the supply chain were interviewed. This thesis examined the understanding circularity and current practices of the companies. The degree of collaboration value creation towards their stakeholders is also examined. Moreover, barriers as perceived by companies were presented and new barriers were classified. Finally, solutions and strategies were indicated focusing on building communication and trust within the supply chain. The results of this study showed that supply chain collaboration is certainly the key to the transition to a circular model. However, companies still need to rethink the core of their business model and their value creation. This study was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but indications show that this pandemic can also become an opportunity to encourage the shift to a circular economy.
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