Internal carbon pricing in the province of Utrecht

dc.contributor.advisorCarton, Linda
dc.contributor.advisorRaaphorst, Kevin
dc.contributor.authorHarmsen, Tijs
dc.description.abstractThis research explores to what extent carbon pricing can take shape within the province of Utrecht and so contribute to their ambitions on carbon reduction. In combining theory with practice, with two case studies as main objects of research, shaping a transformation process with its barriers and opportunities can hopefully guide climate mitigation efforts in the province of Utrecht, and too beyond. The practice of performing SCBA will be analysed as it is done now, in practical steps and in the extent to which external societal costs are weighted currently. With a formal decision made of implementing SCC prices into SCBA, this research will pave pathways working towards new ambitions and experiment, learn and evaluate within this transition pathway. And beyond carbon pricing in SCBA, possible other pathways towards internalizing carbon pricing will be explored. Incorporating climate mitigation objectives, by implementing different forms of carbon pricing into sectoral policy- and decision making is called mainstreaming. Mainstreaming is to capture climate mitigation potential in other policy areas and sectors and lay appropriate links between them to solve problems, and increase efficiency and effectiveness of policymaking. This empirical research is based upon desk research, in depth-interviews and two experiments, aiming at a practical implementation guidance on which the province and other organizations can possibly steer further policy implementation. Keywords: Internal carbon pricing; Social Cost of Climate Change; Transition theory; Mainstreaming theory; Social Cost-benefit Analysis; Procurement
dc.thesis.facultyFaculteit der Managementwetenschappen
dc.thesis.specialisationspecialisations::Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen::Master Spatial Planning::Cities, Water and Climate Change
dc.thesis.studyprogrammestudyprogrammes::Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen::Master Spatial Planning
dc.titleInternal carbon pricing in the province of Utrecht
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