Big Brother is watching you: A study on the effectiveness of camera surveillance technologies in the public urban spaces of Lelystad

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This research focusses on the effectiveness of camera surveillance technologies in Lelystad. The development of surveillance technologies brings about discussions on the invasion of the personal living environment, while trying to secure certain places. In order to deliver a relevant study on this debate, the case of Lelystad will be examined. In 2021, municipal camera surveillance was implemented in a residential neighbourhood as a result of structural disturbance and the regular occurrence of criminal offences. The main question established is: How effective is the use of surveillance technologies in public urban spaces in Lelystad, in terms of the trade-off between security and privacy? This trade-off indicates that in theory the measure brings more security, while simultaneously having an impact on the privacy of people who are subject to the monitoring. To study the effectiveness, interviews with the police and municipality of Lelystad were conducted, as well as a survey among visitors of the affected area. The results showed that the measure was argued critically for. On average, inhabitants of Lelystad felt like municipal camera surveillance was an effective measure. Thus, it can be concluded that surveillance technologies are effective for the assigned period, while bearing in mind the flaws which are also present.
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