Work-related trends & De Achterhoek

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This research investigates which opportunities the labour shortage and the home-working trend can provide for population growth and how these opportunities can best be utilised. The research is conducted based on desk-research, literature study and semi-open interviews. The results chapter confirmed that the labour shortage and home-working trends bring opportunities to attract new residents. The findings of this research have confirmed that the ageing population and the labour shortage are the biggest challenges the region is facing. Therefore, the two work-related trends should also contribute to combating the ageing of the population and reducing the labour shortage. To utilise the opportunities from the labour shortage, De Achterhoek must present itself in its best light and should change the image of not having any facilities. Also, De Achterhoek must show that there are lots of attractive vacancies to be filled and residents can live and work comfortably in De Achterhoek. To utilise the opportunities of the home-working trend, it is important to build homes not too small and to avoid the overbuilding of nature. Additionally, it is important to improve mobility by road and rail. Moreover, to utilise the opportunities for the entire region, the different municipalities must collaborate better with each other and coordinate their plans more often.
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