The relationship between growing up in poverty and gambling risk-taking behaviour

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In this paper, the relation between growing up in poverty and gambling behaviour will be examined. To test this relation, a survey experiment was designed and conducted. The study examines the relation between the socioeconomic status of the parents on gambling behaviour, as well as the relation between different types of income during your childhood on gambling behaviour. The findings suggest that the level of education of the parents has a significant influence on gambling behaviour, Though, this influenced diminishes when risk perception was included. Risk perception is proven as a significant factor across all the regressions that were run in the paper, showing the influence it has on shaping gambling behaviour. Moreover, the study finds evidence that receiving government assistance, and in particular unemployment benefits, is significantly related to the gambling behaviour. Adding to this, a difference in gambling behaviour between genders was found by the research. Overall, this paper not only contributes to the current research regarding the relation between poverty and gambling risk-taking behaviour, but it also provides suggestions for policy makers on how they can use the findings for improvements in the prevention and intervention strategies designed to counter the gambling harms.
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