The untapped potential of Intellectual capital of banks in the financing of high tech startups

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This study aims to get more insight in the role that banks can play in allocating external financing to high tech entrepreneurs. It examines the potential mediator role that banks can play in the financial infrastructure. More specifically, this study examined what kind of intangible assets banks have and how they deploy these assets to help entrepreneurs find adequate financing. This study examined if adequately financed entrepreneurs are more satisfied with the deployment of the banks’ intangible assets than inadequately financed entrepreneurs. Moreover, it examined the valuation of banks’ assets vis-a-vis assets of other financial service providers by adequately compared to inadequately funded entrepreneurs. The data was obtained from a total of ten mini case studies. To examine the assets of the bank, five bank employees of the three largest banks in the Netherlands were interviewed about the deployment the assets of the bank. Furthermore, to analyze the value of those assets to entrepreneurs, five entrepreneurs form high tech startups were interviewed. The results shows that adequately financed entrepreneurs are more satisfied than inadequately financed entrepreneurs with the deployment of the intangible assets of banks for allocating external financing to the startups. Next to this, the adequately financed entrepreneurs value the deployment of the assets of banks to allocate external financing to startups higher than the assets of other financial service provider. This might indicate that banks can play a vital role as mediator in the financial infrastructure for high tech startups.
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