Communicating to visitors about and for sustainabil-ity in the music festival sector: Recommendations for a Dutch Case

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Background: Due to the growth of the event and festival industry, paying attention to environmental sustainability has become an important aspect for event managers, just as communicating about this. Communication can be about sustainability (informative) or for sustainability (educational). Purpose: The aim of this research is to give recommendations to the music festival sector on visitor communication about and for sustainability. Method: To generate rich recommendations, the research has the design of an embedded single case study with a mixed methods approach, using four research units. Results: For business to consumer sustainability communication, understandability, transparency, openness and knowledge sharing are essential. In the eyes of the interviewees, sustainability communication reaches its goals when awareness is raised under visitors as well as that there is some education involved. Additionally, sustainability communication can be used to strengthen the brand of a festival and position it as a trendsetter. Consequently, such a festival can have a competitive advantage over others. Recommendations: It is important that the communication on sustainability creates content and depth to the festival. Therefore, it is a good idea to communicate easily understandable messages to the general public, yet have more background information available for those interested.
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