Do we care about monuments’ care? A Research to the Quality of Policy Considerations in Environmental Strategies of Dutch Municipalities for Monuments’ care

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The Dutch Environment and Planning Act creates an enormous overhaul of spatial legislation to ensure a higher quality of spatial plans. This thesis analyzes whether the environmental strategy, a new spatial instrument introduced by the Environment and Planning Act focused on policy considerations, does in fact provide a high quality for monuments’ care, a more vulnerable spatial domain, and whether policy integration and public participation have played a part. A combination of content analyses of 33 environmental strategies of Dutch municipalities and face-to-face semi-structured interviews in nine municipalities is used. The results show that the quality is highly differentiated, with only five municipalities having a high quality of policy considerations for monuments’ care. The interviews showed that policy integration could both have negative and positive consequences for the quality of considerations, while public participation can have benefits when citizens deem monuments’ care relevant. The developed list of necessary policy considerations to determine the quality of considerations for monuments’ care in environmental strategies can be of use to practitioners in developing their environmental strategy. Moreover, the findings point to the complexities of participation for an integrated strategic document, creating new questions about the usefulness of participation in different settings.
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