CEE labour migrants in the labour market region North-Limburg. From motives to migrate to intentions to stay

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This study tried to find out what motivates CEE labour migrants to come to the labour market region North Limburg, a region in the Netherlands that is a popular destination for labour migrants. Using different statistical analyses, this research attempted to link the different motives of migrants to their intentions regarding duration of stay. Starting point is a typology created by Engbersen et al., who tried to categorize different migration patterns. Although the easy accessible labour market is leading in the decision to come to North Limburg, the local labour migrant population can be divided into a part that migrated to earn money to spend in their country of origin and a part that is considering a new life outside their country of origin. It is concluded that individual intentions are a snapshot, that can change over time and are not always in line with the typology. That makes it very hard to predict future behaviour, individual labour migrants can switch from one to another type, based on their position in the life cycle and their hierarchy of acceptability. Policymakers are confronted with a diverse, transforming population, not only regarding motives and migration patterns but also regarding future intentions.
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