Do not write lists, do not write bullet points. The process of constructing a language test for B2 academic English, assessing speaking and writing skills.

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Being a language coach is not the same thing as being a teacher, and it not only includes teaching and coaching language skills, but also assessing them. During my Master’s specialization Language and Communication Coaching, one of its courses called Language Testing, and finally an internship dealing with language testing I was able to experience this statement and to take my first step into a future as a language test author. This thesis discusses the process of my main task of the previously mentioned internship: Designing complete language tests. I will begin with an introduction about the Language and Communication Coaching master and then discuss the theoretical background of writing language tests which I mostly got from a course called Language Testing. After that I will describe the process of constructing test items, scripts and marking schemes for the RATEr, a B2 English test for speaking and writing skills, and I will finish with a reflecting conclusion.
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