How does managerial support help engage in job crafting? A qualitative, exploratory analysis of how nurses in Dutch hospitals experience the help of managerial support in engaging in job crafting.

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The profession of nurses is currently dealing with issues like shortage of staff and high turnover. Job crafting can be of help in addressing these problems. Although job crafting does not need to be driven or initiated by management to be effective, it can be supported through providing the right preconditions. What is relatively unexplored is how managerial support plays a role in the engagement of nurses in job crafting, and therefore, extending theory and providing insight in this role is the aim of this research, through answering the question; how do nurses experience the help of managerial support in engaging in job crafting? This research is a qualitative, explorative research among nurses in Dutch hospital. In total twelve interviews are included in the template analysis. In conclusion, nurses perceived that leadership support helped or discouraged them from engaging in job crafting, especially through communication skills, stewardship, and the development and renewal of followers. The findings are based on formal leadership, but the presence of the experience of informal leadership is too great not to mention. Thus, nurses experience helps through both informal and formal leadership and mostly through the three elements mentioned.
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