Disciplining the Discipline: Diversity and Inclusion in IR Knowledge Production in the 21st Century

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In this thesis, I analysed 494 editorial documents from 37 IR-related journals to discover whether diversity and inclusion (D&I) is among the primary concerns of journals. Using a mix methods approach, I used both quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the extent to which journals discuss issues of D&I in knowledge production. Part 1 involved the quantitative analysis of all 37 journals. I looked for variation in keyword usages based on a journal’s location, publisher, year of origin, impact, and rank to find out which factors may result in more or less concern for D&I in journal publications and I included a time-variable to check for developments over time across all editorial documents. Part 2 involved a deeper qualitative review of three selected journals to uncover the context in which the keywords were used and gain a deeper understanding of the disciplinary message the editorial team aims to put out. Overall, I found little evidence for variation across the variables, so unfortunately no strong conclusion could be drawn about which journal characteristics may predict higher or lower usages of the keywords. The second part of the analysis provided more valuable insights, such as the finding that critical journals appear to make great effort to improve D&I across their publications.
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