Socioeconomic Benefits from Investments in the Leisure Industry

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The Eemsdelta is a region in the northern Netherlands that consists of four municipalities: Delfzijl, Eemsmond, Appingedam and Loppersum. The region is one of nine in the Netherlands facing population decline, which is the reduction of the population over time in a certain region. Even though population decline is generally seen as a threat, some studies show these regions also offer opportunities for entrepreneurs in the leisure industry. In this research it is examined how the Eemsdelta benefits from investment in the leisure industry. The notions “economies of scale” and “attractiveness” are used to show the economic and social benefits. The general economic) idea is that economic activity leads to new investments. Even though investments are often made with an economic mindset, they positively impact various social aspects. This research demonstrates that the Eemsdelta is not comparable to other depopulating regions. The Eemsdelta has to deal with a combination of selective spatial processes, earthquake issues and limited touristic potential in the region. Consequently, investing in this region is relatively risky. The opportunities for investment in the leisure industry apply therefore to a lesser extent to the Eemsdelta. Nevertheless, opportunities do exist for entrepreneurs to make a profit.
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