Influencing social cohesion in communities: An exploration of activities influencing social cohesion within the community of Griffioen, Nijmegen

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Social cohesion within communities plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging, trust, and cooperation among its members. This qualitative research paper delves into the activities that influence social cohesion within the community of Griffioen. By exploring the essential factors social relations, identification, and orientation towards a common good, this study aims to provide insights into the mechanisms that contribute to or hinder social cohesion in a specific community setting. This research employs an explorative approach, using in-depth interviews to gather data from members of the Griffioen community. Through thematic analysis, the study identifies the social cohesion and activities that have an impact on social cohesion, including the inclusion of all members in decision-making, informal meetings, daily evaluations, bridging social networks, open communication, and addressing exclusion. The findings of this study shed light on the different influence activities in relation to the outcomes within Griffioen. The research contributes to the literature by offering practical insights for communities that seek to strengthen social cohesion. Moreover, this study provides a deeper understanding of the unique factors that influence social cohesion within Griffioen, demonstrating the potential for similar investigations in other communities to create more harmonious and connected societies.
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