Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Cities and the Participation Role of Civil Society

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As the catalyst year of 2030, when the SDGs are going to be finished, is getting closer we as humans should try harder to achieve those goals. Throughout this thesis, I made comparative research between Greece and the Netherlands. The research aimed to understand the differences that exist in governmental and societal level to both countries. To achieve sustainable development, each country tries to find the most suitable solution. To do so, each country proceeds with laws, legislations, and rules. Here are where the SDGs are implemented, the SDGs are 17 goals which aim to answer some urgent calls, both for developed and developing countries. In order to determine a sustainable city, there must be some measurable indicators (the Net and the Self). The participation of the civil society when it comes to the decision-making process (such as sustainable development) and to the policy making process should be considered as mandatory. The interviews and the proper literature review supported my paper in order to reach some conclusions.
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