Nature-based flood risk measures in the regional Water system. A research into the influencing factors of the decision making process of the nature-based flood risk measure, the fourth storage basin

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Due to physical characteristics of The Netherlands, 59% of the country is liable to flood. As the Netherlands lies next to the North Sea and several large rivers flow through the country, there is a constant risk of flood. Around 1970 ecological values became more important in the national water policy. This initiated integrated water resource management (IWRM) as the basic philosophy at the Fourth National Water Policy. IWRM can be seen as an process that encourages the collaboration between on developments of land, water and other related sources. This resulted in more nature-based flood risk measurements in order to cope with the increasing flood risk due to climate changes and economic growth. In the national water policy as well as the regional water policy, these measurements were realised. However much research was done at the national measurements and almost none at the regional system. This research focusses on the influencing factors of the decision-making process that led to the development and implementation of nature-based flood risk measurements in the regional water system. The fourth storage basin is the chosen case study for this research. The theory that has been used throughout the whole research is the multiple streams framework from Kingdon.
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