The Correlation between Self-Assessment Reports and CEFR Levels according to Standardized Assessment.

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This thesis concerns an investigation into the correlation between self-assessment reports regarding vocabulary knowledge and actual levels of vocabulary knowledge according to two standardized assessments. The experiment in this study was conducted by means of a questionnaire consisting of a language testing component and a self-assessment component. The participants in this study are speakers of Dutch as a native language. With the help of regression analyses, it has been shown that the result of this study is that the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels of vocabulary knowledge according to both the DIALANG Vocabulary Test and the Cambridge General English Online Test correlate with the estimated levels of the self-assessment component. There are differences in the correlation coefficients of both tests and the self-assessment components. Unfortunately, the sample size impeded the confirmation of demographic discrepancies, such as gender, educational background, and use of English in daily life and in the workplace or educational context. Nonetheless, the fact that in general the language testing component correlates with the self-assessment component indicates that in terms of vocabulary, participants are generally able to predict their language skills. This could have some implications for self-assessment as an assessment tool in educational contexts, or for other contexts where language testing is applicable.
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