Privacy Concerns and New Technologies from the Perspective of Message Framing and Involvement: A Case Study of Drones.

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In this communication focused study, the effects of message framing and outcome-relevant involvement on privacy concerns of new technologies are explored by an experimental survey. The new technology of drones is applied as a case to examine the variables as a specific case scenario. Framing is perceived as a variable that can influence the amount of individual's privacy concerns towards new technologies. Although prior studies have explored the topics of privacy concerns and involvement before, this study is unique in combining the variables outcome-relevant involvement, framing and privacy concerns in one study with the aim of examining an interaction effect. The study reveals an existent effect of outcome-relevant involvement on privacy concerns regarding new technologies. Thus, this study caries scientific relevance in displaying an interaction between the level of personal involvement of an individual regarding privacy and the level of privacy concerns individuals carry towards new technologies. Finally, as the study did not find a significant framing effect due to insignificance of a manipulation intention, no further conclusions can be drawn on a framing effect. Keywords: communication, framing, outcome-relevant involvement, new technologies, drones, privacy concerns.
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