A research in repeated employee participation in coporate volunteering actiities: a system dynamics perspective

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Despite a considerable amount of knowledge in the literature of corporate volunteering, there is still a lack of understanding among scholars why employees participate, and how to sustain participation in corporate volunteering activities (Peterson, 2004; Sekar & Dyaram, 2017). Therefore, this research aimed to enhance understanding in why employees decide to participate (repeatedly) in corporate volunteering activities by integrating deductive case study research with a system dynamics perspective. A system dynamics perspective enables the researcher to study employees decision making process for corporate volunteering participation from a holistic view, and to incorporate feedback processes underlying repeated employee participation behaviour. This research shows that employees decision to participate in corporate volunteering activities is a combination of multiple factors in relationship with external company factors. Depending on the difficulty of employee encouragement, more or less factors are needed to initiate corporate volunteering participation. Six feedback loops explain repeated corporate volunteering participation of employees behaviour over time. Eventually by enhanced understanding why employees decide to participate repeatedly in corporate volunteering activities provides this research practical insight to managers how participation behaviour can be set in motion and what external company factors need to be improved in order to initiate repeated employee participation in corporate volunteering activities.
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