The dynamics of migrants’ economic development (access to wealth) in the arrival city area in Accra, Ghana.

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The concept of an arrival city reveals a new approach to urban reality, co-shaped by migrants. The following thesis draws on this very idea of slum areas as gateways to the city. Saunders perceives slums as neighbourhoods of opportunities for economic and social development. The research focuses on Nima, a neighbourhood located in Ghanaian capital, Accra in order to quantitatively measure economic development of migrants who have established their lives there. To describe development, Sen’s conceptual framework is used. Moreover, Piketty’s definitions of wealth and growth are included in order to conceptualise the economic reality of an arrival city. Surveys in Nima are analysed through the lens of system dynamic tools, namely causal loop diagrams. Using International Wealth Index as a measurement, conceptual model reveals a systemic pattern of a ‘goal seeking behaviour’ with a rather dynamic initial growth of well-being and further stabilization when reaching Accra’s developmental levels. In Nima, migrants’ well-being growth rate proves to be higher than overall Accra’s growth which highlights this arrival city’s potential of facilitating economic prosperity of migrants. ‘Goal seeking’ nature of this growth renders the concept of an arrival city accurate and opens up areas for further conceptualisation and research.
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