Working for the people. Research into resident participation in urban restructuring for Bijlmer-Oost, a case study of G-buurt Noord

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This master thesis details a research into resident participation for Bijlmer-Oost by the municipality of Amsterdam. The research tries to answer the question “How are local residents participating in the plan making processes related to urban restructuring of Bijlmer-Oost and what could improve according to civil servants and residents?”. It does so through a qualitative analysis of G-buurt Noord and the adjacent future E-buurt Oost. By means of desk research and in-depth interviews an analysis was done on the ways in which the theories of participatory planning, community building and intercultural planning are applicable in the cases. The main conclusion of the research is that solutions in friction on participation in urban restructuring processes should be sought in increasing the cultural literacy of civil servants and encouraging the asset-based community development. The cultural literacy is to be connected to a growing awareness and understanding of cultural diversity. Getting to know the world of the resident could help to improve the relation between the civil servants and the residents. By building a broader community and having an intercultural approach, resident participation in urban restructuring can take place, instead of the current processes of consultation by a needs-based approach to community building.
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