Develop for Attachment: cities made by people

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Declining demography and online shopping are the biggest changes for middle-sized cities in the periphery of the Randstad. Developing city centres is therefore necessary, but what is the best strategy? In addition, how do you keep, in times of declining demography, people attached to the city? These are the two research question in this thesis. Focusing on the users of the city, and retaining them is also known as warm city marketing. City marketing is an integrated process which also entails the physical development of a city. Interviews have been conducted in other Dutch cities, to see how they have developed a strategy for improving their city centre. The visited cities are: Amersfoort, Deventer, Venlo, Zaandam and Roosendaal. The type of strategy does not differ much over the visited cities, but the substance of the strategy has to be unique for every city, because every city is different. On the other side, we tested four hypotheses on variables that influence place attachment regarding retail areas, in this case, the city centre of Doetinchem. Both substance of the strategy and the variables of place attachment are tested in a survey to which 1356 people responded.
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