Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room and The Years: The external world, internal lives, and the (im)possibility of human connection.

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Virginia Woolf’s The Years (1937) is a novel about history, economy, and society, and about how they bleed into people’s lives. The focus in The Years seems to be more on the external than on the internal, which is a shift in focus from her earlier work, such as Jacob’s Room (1922). All her old themes, such as the (im)possibility of human connection, are still present in The Years but she approaches them in a different way. This thesis will, therefore, look at how this shift in focus from the internal to the external between Jacob’s Room and The Years change her way of dealing with the recurring theme of human connection. In The Years, Woolf possibly uses the external to explore and examine the internal from the outside in. Since scholarly articles about The Years focus largely on Woolf’s process in writing the novel rather than on its content, in studying The Years a gap in the research on Woolf might be filled. Key words: Virginia Woolf, The Years, Jacob’s Room, human connection, internal, external
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