Student visa card. To what extent do visa regulations unjustifiable discriminate against non-EU students who study in EU countries and how can a new visa policy ease the influence?

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The European Union constitutes a popular destination for study reasons to international students who choose European universities with the appropriate academic level, their costs and prestige. Although these universities are open to non-EU students, there are numerous problems with which non-EU students need to deal with. The academic institutions in the European Union purpose to a brain gain situation through the high skills, innovative ideas and knowledge of the non-EU students without considering the brain drain happening to the countries of origin of the international students. Moreover, these students confront with issues even before their arrival in the host country since the issuance of a visa card is required and the procedures and applications for it are countless. Non-EU students namely, need a specific document while passing the external borders of the European Union which are secured by guards and a strict surveillance system. Equally important and relevant is the European visa policy and regulations towards non-EU students; although the European Union tries to promote itself into an excellent academic center attracting non-EU students, unjustifiable discriminatory behaviors against them are still existed. International students and European education should fill the gap between them through the contribution of all Member States.
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