The role of lifestyle and mobility behavior in influencing spatial/mobility planning in 's-Hertogenbosch

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This study examines the role of lifestyles and mobility behavior in influencing spatial/mobility planning in the city of s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. This study aims to assess citizen behavior and choices regarding different modes of transport to move around the city in order to implement an appropriate spatial/mobility plan in the s-Hertogenbosch. This research consists of stepwise methodology. Firstly, mobility behavior of inhabitants are determined by conducting a qualitative assessment, which is based on municipality survey. Secondly, different types of lifestyles are identified by considering Waarden In Nederland (WIN model) as a guideline (TNS NIPO ,2006), and comparing statistical and empirical data with it. Thirdly, the current status of spatial/mobility planning of city is explained.Finally, the relation of mobility behavior and lifestyles with each other and the role of these two in mobility plan are investigated by conducting some interviews. Mobility behaviors are linked in complex ways with lifestyles. It is increasingly evident that the corresponding (modern) lifestyles in affluent societies, and the mobility behaviors associated with such lifestyles, are consistently depend on the protection of environmental quality, availability of natural and financial resources, and promotion of social ties as well as distributions opportunities in a city and costs of using transport systems.
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